Market analysis:

  • We analyze what is currently hemp market in Poland – which already exist products, processes, technologies, business opportunities.
  • We check what elements hemp market in Poland lacks.
  • We evaluate how this missing element will improve the market and which can bring benefit.

Analysis of the benefits of the product / services:

  • We examine, what benefit can bring a new product / services currently on the market designed hemp in Poland.
  • We examine what the specific income will introduce a new product / services currently on the market designed hemp in Poland.
  • We explore how does the cost of introducing a new product / services currently on the market designed hemp in Poland, to profit (we analyze the profitability of the investment).

Market analysis of performers and producers:

  • We analyze the current state of technological development, medical, industrial hemp in which they are found in Poland and abroad.
  • We create a list of potential contractors, institutes, universities, entrepreneurs, whose work would be realized investment and services, and negotiating with these entities in order to provide the Customer with the real possibilities of cooperation in this field.
  • We prepare legal grounds to cooperate with contractors or manufacturers – prepare and negotiate contracts, prepare the necessary documentation.
  • We analyze the possibilities for cooperation with contractors and manufacturers in the field of acquiring EU and national funds.
  • Analysis of the market for products and services:
    • We analyze in terms of finding recipients of products and services hemp market – judge who is a potential customer, to what extent and quantity.
    • We analyze, how to reach out to the potential recipient.
    • We examine, what is the cost of introducing the product / service on the market for possible selling price of the product / service.


We advise:

  • In the choice of performers, producers, buyers from the market in hemp scale Polish and abroad.
  • We assess the opportunity for investments, its success.
  • In choosing planes of action in the market hemp.

Investment financing:

  • We analyze the possibilities of financing investment, in terms of sources of financing, the amount of investment and its possible financing.

Development time investment:

  • Our task must also analyze the time required for development investment.
  • We analyze stages of creation and development of investment and support these processes at every stage.

International cooperation.

  • As a consulting firm with international scope, we are ready to support our customers in obtaining foreign contracts or foreign cooperation to support the development of the hemp market in Poland.


  • We draw up and negotiate contracts, letters of intent.
  • We prepare comprehensive documentation necessary for the introduction of a product / service to market.
  • We assess the legal possibilities of development investments, including creating for the customer legal entities (companies), which will form the basis of development.
  • We are ready to handle the litigation, enforcement proceedings, investigations of security for customers starting or developing your products / services to market hemp.

Using our services you will find both help of a consulting, marketing, legal, and how you can benefit from our experience and expertise built over the years in creating a platform to realize their ideas.

For our customers create a special purpose companies, companies in the framework of which it is possible to start or develop products / services to market hemp and provide consistent service and legal consulting.